What to Expect During a Visit to One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia

What to Expect During a Visit to One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia

Also known as “Philly From The Top”, One Liberty Observation Deck offers the premier view of Philadelphia, with 360-degree views of the entire city and suburbs, as well as southern New Jersey. Looking out over the entire city of nearly 2 million people really is a sight to behold, especially when the sun is setting. Our Philadelphia adoption professionals think One Liberty Observation Deck makes for a great family trip, as kids usually love taking the elevator up and taking in the breathtaking views. There are also several other features that make a trip here fun and educational.

360 View

The view at One Liberty Observation Deck is 57 stories up, with an enclosed deck. From up on high, you can look down and spot all of Philadelphia’s notable skyscrapers, landmarks, and neighborhoods. Try to spot City Hall, the Ben Franklin Parkway, the Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross Bridges, the sports stadiums, and your other favorite sites in the city.


When you arrive at the ground floor of One Liberty Observation Deck, your family will have the opportunity to learn about #TheRealPhilly. This will include a lesson in the city’s long and rich history and place in American history, along with art from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and a floor-to-ceiling sized mural by Gregory Manchess.

Also on the ground floor is a pair of giant feet which belong to one of Philadelphia’s most famous historical figures. There is also a kite string you can follow to the 57th floor, where you can confirm the identity of this figure.

There are also three audio zones where you can listen to the most famous moments from Philadelphia pop culture, sports, and music.

Interactive Technologies

This exhibition features Go Find Your Philly Interactive Boards and is a great feature for families visiting from out of town. These six touch-screen monitors are placed around One Libery Observation Deck and offer the chance to get a close-up, HD perspective on several prominent sites from around the Philadelphia area. Simply tap the screen and you’ll zoom in for additional info on the history, architecture, and cultural influence of the landmark. Featuring programs in English, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin.

Philly From the Top Tour

This guided tour provides a top-down look at Philly, telling the city’s prestigious history beginning with William Penn’s days and progressing into the current era. Tour groups meet on the 57th Floor and the short tour highlights the most iconic moments of Philadelphia history, along with introducing the famous sites visible from the observation deck and offering tips for out-of-towners exploring the city.

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