AFTH Recommended Adoptive Parent Bloggers

AFTH Recommended Adoptive Parent Bloggers

Parenting is is one of the best if not the best job on the planet. Here is the thing about parenting though, it is not the kind of job that comes with an employee handbook. You know what else does not come with a handbook? Adoption! Adoptive parents find themselves navigating through their own unique challenges raising their children. There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a relationship with birth parents, raising a child of another race, appropriately responding ignorant comments/questions of others and etc. Over the years the adoptive family community has grown and size and support.

The internet and social media have allowed adoptive parents to connect with one another seamlessly no matter where they are in the world. A large number of adoptive parent bloggers who have used the internet and social media to share their parenting experience. In turn a large number of adoptive parent bloggers have earned their status as influencers thanks to their honesty and support they offer to other adoptive families via their platform.  Here are some great adoptive parent blogs AFTH recommends!

Single Adoptive Parents

Wood and Grace

Colorado single mom Katie Page journey to becoming a parent started with fostering half siblings Grayson and Hannah whom she later adopted. She is currently fostering Grayson’s brother Jackson, who she hopes to adopt as well.

You can check out this Colorado Mountain Mama on social media too!

Instagram- @woodandgraceblog

Fun Fact: Her family’s adoption story was featured on Good Morning America

Adoptive Black Mom

A blog from a black women who decided to pursue parenthood when she was just shy of turning 40 years-old. She started the blog after realizing their were hardly any blogs by single mothers of color to go to for reference.

ABM is an important voice in the adoption community so be sure to check her out on social media:

Facebook- @AdoptiveBlackMom

Twitter- @AdoptiveBlkMom

Adoptive Parents Who Have Gone Through A Disruption

Ashley LeMieux

Ashley LeMieux is not a blogger per se however she openly talks about the adoption disruption her and her husband Mike experienced on their online platforms. The LeMieux’s adoption story is unique in many ways in because they were in no rush to become parents . The couple were not even foster parents, yet they suddenly became parents to siblings who were four and six years-old. The couple had permanent guardianship of the children for four years before they lost their children in an unexpected and contested adoption.

Ashley shares their story about  adoption heartache, journey, keep the faith and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Check out her and Mike’s social media platforms, book, learn about their nonprofit for inner city youth and more!

The Shine Project- Ashley and Mike’s nonprofit for inner city youth achieve their dream of going to college-

Facebook- @TheShineProject

Instagram (The Shine Project)- @TheShineProject

Instagram (Ashley)- @AshleyKLeMieux

Transracial Adoptive Parents

Rage Against The Minivan

Rage Against The Minivan is a blog run by Kristen Howerton, a mom of four children via birth and adoption. Kristen uses her platform to speak about being a white mom raising two black teenage boys along. Aside from transracial adoption, she writes about all the highs and lows of parenting. Here’s a direct quote from the blog: “she also indulges in sleep-deprived rants about parenting, poop, adoption, politics, race, religion, social justice, and various other subjects that her mother warned her not to discuss in public.” Kristen does freelance writing every now and then, with work featured in notable news sources such as “Huffington Post.”

Facebook- @RageAgainstTheMinivan

Twitter- @KristenHowerton




Kindred + Co.

Kindred + Co. is an online blog founded by fellow transracial adoptive Hannah Eloge. Hannah and her husband are proud parents to their four year old twin girls Ezra and Olive, whom they adopted in August 2015. After bringing home their baby girls, Hannah decided to create a site that unites all members of the adoption community, e.g. , birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. This site includes personal stories and insight from others on transracial adoption, adoption waiting, open adoption and more!

Facebook- @KindredAndCommunity

Instagram (Kindred + Co.)-

Instagram (Hannah) – @heloge

Full Plate Mom

Gives insight on what it is like to raise 12 adopted kids in a transracial family. Adoptive mom Becky Ketarkus’s children range in ages and nationalities. Two of her children have special needs.

Adoptive Parents Of Children With Special Needs

The Larson House

A blog run by Nashville couple Elsie and Jeremy Larson. The couple are proud parents to their daughters whom they adopted from China, Nova and Marigold. Both of their daughters have albinism and impaired vision. The blog covers all sorts of topics relating to family along with a special section dedicated to adoption.

Fun Fact- Elsie and her sister Emma are the cofounders of the popular parent blog “A Beautiful Mess,” as well as the A Color Story app.

Twitter (A Beautiful Mess)-@AbeautifulMess

Instagram- @ElsieLarson

The Lucky Few & Heather Avis

Heather Avis and her husband are the proud parents of three children they adopted together. Two of the couple’s children have Down Syndrome. Her blog is all about family life, celebrating differences, and flipping the cultural narrative about children with Down Syndrome.

Facebook- @TheLuckyFewOfficial

Instagram- @TheLuckyFewOfficial

Also check out “The Lucky Few” podcast!….

LGBTQ Adoptive Parents

Gays With Kids

A site dedicated to helping gay, bisexual, and transgender men navigate and celebrate fatherhood. The site covers lots of stories and topics about becoming fathers through adoption.

Facebook- @GaysWithKids

Twitter- @GaysWithKids

Instagram- @Gays_With_Kids



Adventurous Moms

A blog run by moms Jen and Kendra who have four children together via adoption. The couple blog about all the adventures they go on with their children, along with the everyday adventures of parenting.

Facebook- @AdventurousMoms

Twitter- @AdventurousMoms

Instagram- @AdventurousMoms


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