Birth moms to follow on Instagram

Birth moms to follow on Instagram

Birth moms are an integral part of the adoption process, but sometimes they do not get to share their stories. Check out some great birth moms to follow on Instagram.

1. Big Tough Girl

If you enjoy sincerity with a hint of sassiness, then Big Tough Girl AKA Ashley Mitchell is the Instagram blogger you should be following. Ashley placed her son Derek for adoption and eventually became an advocate for birth mothers and adoption. On her blog, she paints a picture of how healing can happen after placing a child. Also, she is the owner and president of Lifetime Healing, a post-placement care training for adoption professionals. Follow her @Bigtoughgirl for some inspiring and amazing content.


2. FromAnothaMotha

FromAnothaMotha AKA Kelsey Vander Vliet is another birth mom blogger and adoption advocate who we enjoy following. Kelsey posts encouraging words and videos for birth mothers and recognizes birth mothers everywhere. She also writes for Kindred + Co., a blog that shares stories that show the beauty and the brokenness of adoption. Follow her Instagram account @Fromanothamotha


3. SunshineBottle

Sarah Noelle Schmidth or @sunshinebottle is a birth mother who strongly advocates for adoption. Her page consists of motivating quotes and photos that birth moms and adoptive moms can connect to; also, Sarah shines a light on birth mothers (No pun intended) in her own unique way with her witty and informative posts.










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