And Our Story Continues

And Our Story Continues

“& our story continues”

Left to Right: Kelly, Julianna, and Jason

Hello! We’re Jason and Kelly. Birth parents since 2016. Adoption has been a journey, one we never imagined being on, but are learning from daily. Julianna is our miracle baby who brought us to this community. Chris and Jaime are the most amazing parents to Julianna, and we would’ve never met them if it wasn’t for open adoption and AFTH.

This journey has brought many emotions from the day we found out we were pregnant, meeting Chris and Jaime prior to the birth of our little girl, Kelly giving birth alone, Jason meeting his little girl weeks later after returning home from training, going across state lines, battling grief, postpartum, uncertainties, humor, joyous occasions, losses of loved ones, moving and more.

We have cried together, laughed together, shared holidays and birthdays together, many milestones together, and most importantly have made memories together! The love we share for one another is something we can’t always describe but feel deeply. We are proud and humbled to be on this journey.

Some advice we have for others is to not compare yourselves or your stories. Communicate often on what is going on with you and the expectations you have in order to come to the best conclusion for everyone involved. Show up when you can, have those tough conversations, support one another, and listen to your child. They have a voice too, and it matters. Above all else make sure no matter which part of the triad you connect with, you find an outlet and a support system that is continuous, because the journey is forever.

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