Springtime Family Fun Ideas

Springtime Family Fun Ideas

It’s almost time to lose your heavy coats, gloves, and boots because Spring is approaching! Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors, go on new adventures, and make memories with your family. Below is a curated list of things for your family to do that will allow you to kick off this spring season the right way.

1. Plant something in the garden.

This can be a great opportunity to teach your little one about plants and all the work that goes into them coming to life. Planting something green or a pretty flower will give your child the chance to watch something grow from seed to stem. It will be a timely but rewarding activity once your plant has sprouted.

2. Have a picnic.

Pack up some sandwiches and snacks from home, grab a blanket, and sit anywhere outside. This can be done in a park or just in your backyard. It takes an everyday lunch with the family, to something a little different that doesn’t require a lot of effort. However, it will be something you will all remember.

3. Take a walk in the city.

Take a drive downtown, park the car and adventure around. Walking around the city can be surprisingly entertaining. You never know what can come from it. Aside from walking around and seeing pretty lights or big buildings, you might bump into a cute puppy, a street performer, or find a new park or food shop.

4. Get your rod and go fishing.

This can be a pleasurable activity because of the learning experience it entails, and the opportunity to have conversations. Fishing involves a lot of waiting time, so this is a great activity to get a lot of discussions going. Even if no fish are caught, the experience of getting outside, playing in the dirt, and learning how to cast a rod is a huge thrill for the kids!

5. Ride bikes.

Riding bikes can be fun, scenic and great exercise. It also could be another learning opportunity for your little ones if they haven’t learned to ride a bike yet. Start them out with the training wheels, reinforce their small successes to keep them motivated, and keep it fun. Bike riding as a family will enable quality time together doing something enjoyable.

6. Get all the bakers in the kitchen.

Spring season means that it is time for fresh produce and sweet baked goods. Do you always stop to watch those Facebook videos that show you how to bake a mouthwatering dessert? They look amazing, and yet we never take advantage of their recipes. This can be the perfect time to bake something new together. Scroll through the recipes, find a dessert you all want to try, and bake it together. Bon-Appetit!

7. Get creative with sidewalk chalk.

When the kids are feeling bored, encourage them to get outside, and channel their inner artist! Sidewalk chalking is a great way to get creative while enjoying the fresh air. Some ideas to sidewalk chalk: the ultimate hopscotch, body tracing, and tic-tac-toe.

8. Spring showers? Movie time.

“April showers bring May flowers” is the saying. Springtime calls for some rainy days indoors. Pop some popcorn, grab a drink, and find your favorite blanket for a movie marathon! Take turns picking out movies to watch and press play. If movies aren’t your family’s forte, there is always a Netflix TV series waiting to be binged.

9. Find a new playground.

Playgrounds are essential for kids. They give kids an environment to play, create, discover, and enjoy. Take a drive to a different neighborhood and play at their playground. This can be an adventure for the family to find the best playground in town.

10. Attend a community event.

Does your community have an events bulletin board? Check it out and see if anything sparks your interest. Attending a community event is a great way to get involved in the community, meet other families (similar to your own AND different), and enjoy the quality time together.


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