This summer AFTHtv dedicated its entire sixth season to serve as a program giving Black voices within the adoption triad (adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees) the platform to discuss racial matters and adoption in today’s society. New episodes aired on the nonprofit’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel every Tuesday. Social workers and adoption counselors in the domestic adoption world have a critical responsibility to educate prospective adoptive parents on everything to know about adopting a child transracially. It is important for social workers to offer Black birth parents and Black adoptive parents the chance to be mentors to transracial adoptive parents about Black history and culture.

Here are a few quotes from Black birth parents who participated in a few episodes of our AFTHtv “Black Voices in Adoption” season:


“Thank you all for being so open to the chat and so open to our feedback and opinions…We all are very frustrated and blatantly disappointed with things that are transpiring in the world so it is extremely refreshing and reassuring that you guys are open ears and open hearts to us as Black individuals, but more importantly as parents. Thank you all for making us feel like we had a safe space to talk through our thoughts and to be positive voices for you. I hope we were able to help answer your questions with your parental journeys…I thank you for encouraging us to really make ourselves stand out and be heard.”-Asia, birth mother



“I’m very appreciative to have had the opportunity to speak with each and every one. I thank you all for your open-mindedness and willingness to hear us out and even seek out the information.”-Samai, birth father








“I loved being a part of the conversation! I loved that I had a place to speak and I was actually being listened to. Some tough questions were asked and the answers that were given were so wonderfully received. I am so glad that we were given this opportunity to speak and I hope that this starts the spark needed to have these conversations.”-SeAyra, birth mother







The reactions of the adoptive parent panelists who were featured this Season who are white and raising Black children:

“ I was so thankful to be asked to partake…With all the racial tensions flaring right now it was and will continue to be needed. Two things I took with me from the Zoom chat are, one that we can all learn from each other if we practice active listening and are willing to step outside our comfort zones and be willing to make the changes we need to make. I also learned that no matter race we are we are all trying to navigate parenting in this fast-changing world and having support from family, friends and our local community is a big plus! I appreciated Asia and SeAyra making me feel ok that I don’t know how to do Aaliyah’s hair and that they too are learning! I feel more at ease now. I appreciated everything that everyone shared and was happy to see a birthfather sharing his words. I feel often birth fathers are dismissed when it comes to adoption. So thank you Samai for being open and honest with each other will benefit us as parents. I appreciate Amanda and AFTH for providing this opportunity to the birth parents and adoptive parents and hope it’s not the end of our meetings but just the beginning of beautiful relationships. Thank you all!!!!”- Lynn, adoptive mother

“It was a great meeting and a very important and necessary step for us, as white adoptive parents of Black children, to ensure we listen and understand the message and gain the perspective of Black birth parents and the opinions, concerns, and fears they have. The positive attitudes and willingness to share and be open with their feelings was amazing. I know I personally took many things away from this first session, but the biggest take-away was how special and caring they are. Thank you! I’m also very thankful that Adoptions From The Heart continues to ensure we have the opportunities and resources to educate ourselves so we can raise our transracial children in healthy and respectful ways.”-Rich, adoptive father

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are not enough thanks to showing you my appreciation for this discussion. First and foremost, to Samai, Se’Ayra, and Asia, with all that is going on in the country today I’m sure you are frustrated, angry, and sad that there are so many injustices that continue to happen over and over and over. I’m sure you are exhausted in ways I can’t imagine. Tired of hoping for change and not seeing it. Despite that, you gave your time and voice to this very important conversation. Your voices need to be heard inside and outside your community. Personally, while I desire so much more openness with my daughter’s birth family, it has been invaluable to sit by you and hear your stories and suggestions. You have helped to fill in gaps in contact with her birth family and have provided information so that I can continue to stretch myself and grow. Thank you for giving of your time today for the benefit of others (particularly our children). Know that it hasn’t just impacted my life in a positive way but you have already touched so many others through AFTH-tv. I’m honored to be in the same space to learn from you and become a better parent for my daughter! I hope this is the first of many conversations so we can work together to raise awareness among white parents but also within the Black community about open adoption. You are each incredibly inspiring. Thank you for using your voice in this way.”-Kristy, adoptive mother