Families are defined by love, not sexual orientations. In the modern world, families have significantly changed. Many adoptive couples are LGBTQ+.

Statistics on LGBTQ+ Adoptions

According to AmericanAdoptions.com, same-sex couples are four times more likely to adopt a child than heterosexual couples. Currently, four percent of adopted children are raised by same-sex couples. As many 2 million LGBTQ+ couples hope to adopt a child in the future. 

LGBTQ+ Adoption is Legal Across America

Throughout America’s history, LGBTQ+ couples have often faced discrimination with adoption. In 2016, Mississippi was the last state to overturn the ban on same-sex couple adoptions. Along with the legalization of gay marriage in 2015, same-sex couple adoptions also became legal. However, some restrictions may vary from state to state depending on marital status.

Choosing to Adopt as an LGBTQ+ Hopeful Parent

In many ways, the benefits of adoption are the same for all couples. For example, LGBTQ+ parents can fulfill their dream of being a parent. Additionally, they can build new and meaningful relationships. 

Challenges that Parents and Children Face with Adoption

LGBTQ+ parents are as susceptible as heterosexual parents to the challenges that come along with adopting a child. Examples include addressing their children’s racial or cultural identity, managing birth parent relationships and talking to their child about adoption.

Misconceptions surrounding LGBTQ+ adoptions include that the child will grow up to be gay, or that having same-sex parents will have a negative impact on their children. Research supports that these misconceptions are false. Adoptive parents should also prepare to discuss any discrimination or judgement that they may face with their children. 

Resources for Same-Sex Couples Looking to Adopt

The following resources offer additional information and support for gay couples:

Family Equality Council, Collage, Human Rights Campaign. Many adoption agencies across the United State are in support of LGBTQ+ adoptions.