A Tribute to Maxine

A Tribute to Maxine

Left to Right: Brendan, Mary, Caroline, Larry, Peter, and Katie

It was 35 years ago on a cold fall morning when Mary and I met Maxine for the first time.

She had recently started her own private adoption agency. We met Maxine in the basement of her home for our initial intake. We had two beautiful boys that we had adopted through two different agencies.

We were hoping to expand our family but knew most agencies would not accept you if you already had adopted two children. Our meeting was the usual inquiries that we had experienced in the past. After our meeting, as we left, I said to Mary this was a million to one shot. Oh, was I ever wrong.!!

About one and a half years later a friend of ours who was a local Dr. contacted us and said he had a single birth mother who had just delivered and wanted to place her baby girl in a private adoption. We jumped at the opportunity. We had our baby girl for 11 days when our attorney called to tell us the birth mother was rescinding the adoption. We were absolutely devastated as a family. Our two boys were at a loss to understand as they were seven and three years old.

Six months later on December 8th, 1986, I was in my office when I received a call from Maxine. Her first question to me was, “Do you remember me”? I, of course, recalled our meeting in her basement and thought what’s this about!!? Maxine said she had a special situation in which a baby girl born in NJ was available for adoption, but she was a preemie and would have some substantial medical bills, and would we be interested. I explained to Maxine our past experience and said we would love to adopt her, but the birth parents would have to rescind all rights to the baby. Maxine said NJ was different from Pennsylvania and she would have this taken care of in the next 48 hours.

I said to Maxine I would wait to hear from her. I went home that evening and never said a word to Mary or our sons as I didn’t want them to have the same disappointment if this didn’t work out. Maxine called two days later and sent me the appropriate documents. We had our baby girl, and this was going to be a Christmas We would never forget! We brought our daughter home on December 19th. She is 33 today, a schoolteacher, and the apple of my eye!

Seventeen months later Maxine called with another special situation with a baby girl of South American descent. We again agreed to adopt, and our daughter is Thirty-one today. As it turned out our daughter was born with a severe disability that was diagnosed ten months after we brought her home. Life takes many different turns; we were fortunate enough to be able to handle all of it.

We have 4 beautiful children and 2 wonderful grandchildren. Maxine brought all of this love to us thirty-some years ago. She will always have a special place in our hearts. In reflecting back, my words to Mary, “this is a one in a million shot” never tasted better!!

Thanks a Million, Maxine!!!

Baby Katie

Little Girl Caroline

Katie’s 1st Communion

Katie Grade School

Caroline in Grade School

Caroline horseback riding

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