February is a Month full of Love and to express why #AdoptionIsLove

February is a Month full of Love and to express why #AdoptionIsLove

We all know February is the month of Valentine’s Day, a holiday to show your loved ones your appreciation for them. The truth is that there is a loving feeling that floats throughout the month! To celebrate the season of love, Adoptions From The Heart asks everyone to share why #AdoptionIsLove ! Below are some #AdoptionIsLove quotes from birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees throughout the years.

Left to Right-Lori (AP), Joey (Adoptee), Kelly (Birth Mom)



“I was asked what motivates me and I said my parents because I was adopted through Adoptions From The Heart when I was a baby. I am forever grateful and blessed. I was able to live a better life and have many opportunities, so I am motivated to show my parents who I can be and who they allowed me to be.” #AdoptionIsLove- Kate, adoptee

“One of our birth mothers and I had the same name picked out for our son before we even met.”#AdoptionIsLove -Holly, adoptive mom

“Our daughter was 22 months old when I first met her. I was warned she was scared & cautious of everyone, and to expect her to be non-responsive. but the second she saw me she beamed a big smile. Her biological grandmother said, ‘she knows you’re her mother.'” #AdoptionIsLove -Cheryl, adoptive mom

“The moment I held my daughter Catherine from China, and I knew she would never have to live in that orphanage again, she was with her mother and the bond is like no other.” #AdoptionIsLove -Sue, adoptive mom

“She [birth mother] gave me a box of bows at the matching meeting. I cried for the entire two hours home. She gave me bows! She gave me bows to put on OUR baby girl.” #AdoptionIsLove -Amber Lynne, adoptive mom

“When our social worker said that our daughter’s birth mom really liked the name we picked and wanted us to know that. I loved our daughter’s birth mom so, so much at that moment (and every day since). #AdoptionIsLove – MJ, adoptive mom

“The friends I have met through the process. We can turn to one another for help, support, and love…because no one really understands this process unless you have been through it. I am so grateful for these ladies who I now call friends.”#AdoptionIsLove -Brooke, adoptive mom

When the birth mom asked if we wanted to be in the room when she gave birth. It was an amazing, emotional time for us all.” #AdoptionIsLove -Gordon, adoptive father

“Adoption is……..Love. Sacrifice. Family. Joy. Heartbreak. Life. As a birth mother, I placed my son when I was 15. He is now, a father himself. He is amazing. He is talented. His mom and dad, I am forever grateful for. He is strong, and amazing like they raised him. They love him as much as I do, and they were able to give him everything that I could not. I was blessed to have an open adoption, well as open as it could be for us, with my issues. I am even more blessed to have them ALL In my life, today.” #AdoptionIsLove – Sabrina, birth mom

“Why do I love adoption? Because I gained a bigger family placing my daughter with her adoptive parents.”#AdoptionIsLove -Shawnee, birth mom

“I love adoption because I am a product of adoption. I was blessed with two loving parents.” #AdoptionIsLove -Kelli, adoptee

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