My World is Now a Better Place

My World is Now a Better Place

Julianna by Diana Cardamone Photography

Chris and I had it all. Great families, amazing friends, rewarding careers, and good health. Sounds good, right? What could be better?

However, to me, my world was just not right; it felt incomplete.

The excitement of beginning a family was fresh in our minds and we entered our fertility journey with anticipation and optimism. Failed treatment after failed treatment, however, quickly turned our outlook in the direction of dread and negativity.

My world was now not only incomplete, but it felt bleak, as though happiness was slipping farther and farther out of my grasp.

Chris and I realized then that life had a different plan for us. We had no clue at that point that it was certainly the path we were destined to take from the start. After researching our options, we called Adoptions From the Heart. Little did we know then, that would be the best decision we would ever make.

My world was becoming brighter and the feeling of hope was peeking through.

It’s been almost four years since that call. Julianna Kiersten is the light of our lives and our dream come true. Words can’t express how incredibly lucky we are to be parents to this little angel. I sing a song to our daughter all the time, one that I have sung to her since she was just a little baby. Rachel Platten says it better than I ever could in her song “Better Place.”

I have always been skeptical of the phrase “everything happens for a reason”; however, after this experience, I have now become a true believer. Not only did we bring Julianna into our family, but we also have gained two additional family members in her amazingly brave and loving birth parents. It was just meant to be.

Thank you, Adoptions From the Heart, for helping us to make our world complete by creating this beautiful family.

My world is now a “better place.” Listen to Rachel Platten’s “Better Place” here-


Chris, Jaime, and Julianna Kiersten

Knauff family photo by Diana Cardamone Photography

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